Who are we?

Broadway Division Corporation, The company started as a subsidiary of a Parent company that has chosen to be anonymous, the said Parent Company originated in Los Angeles and now is partnered with an Indian firm specializing in Events and Marketing all over India and some East Asian countries. But the Broadway Division Corporation started in The Fashion & Photography Industry and certain Product promotions for our East Asian clientele. 

We Collaborate with Fashion Models all over East Asian Countries and now we plan on Collaborating with Models from East Indian states.

But now we plan on extending our reach to Photographers, Writers, Cosmetologists, Cinephiles, and even to the Entertainment Industry.

 We plan of collaborating with a lot of entities in the mentioned fields and we look forward to working with everyone who would like to collaborate with us.

Our Company is new to India and its technique but we are fairly adapting to the climate, the policies, and the system. We have a new young Indian Chief Executive, along with 12 officials from all over India and more than 46 Interns working with us on a daily basis from the entire Eastern Indian Region.