Our Clientele


Renegade Folk sells locally made everyday goods in the Philippines. Known for long lasting genuine leather sandals, they expanded to clothing and apparel and they also ship their products all over the world .


Kaayo Modern Mindanao is a curated collection of different Mindanao stories. It is rooted in honouring the extraordinary skills of Mindanaoan artisans. This is also a Philippines based company


R2R is a fashion and design house empowering community artisans in the Philippines. In a world where fashion and design are often seen as excess, R2R is proof that style and sustainability can co-exist. 

Public Culture

Founded in 2015, Public Culture first and foremost idea is all about the youth culture. There are no rules in what we do and what we should wear.

Playing around with colours, messin’ around with graphics, and always producing high quality dailywear garments that are designed to turn heads and drop panties.

With no roots attached, they never limit themselves in what they do.

They are based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Seratus Kapas

Seratus Kapas has managed to pique the attention of many Jakartans youngsters offering sustainability into their design. This Indonesian local clothing brand also supports local producers by working with local craftsmanship, artists, and home base industries in Java. With raw cotton and linen as their main fabrics, Seratus Kapas believe that each story is unique in its way. 


8 Seconds, also known as the Korean Zara, offers a wide range of everyday clothes: t-shirts, jeans, oversized jackets, and puffer jackets at affordable prices.

Their products are flexible and fashionable with new items and designs coming out monthly and weekly.

They are based in Seoul, South Korea.


Designer Cho Eun Ae’s brand Tibaeg counters the unisex, street fashion trends of Korean fashion, focusing on more relaxed, feminine silhouettes and less aggressive prints – a fitting fashion identity for a brand whose name is inspired by the smooth flavours and elegance of teabags. Tibaeg has since collaborated with international brands such as Disney and Louis Quatorze.


Designer Hyein Seo has led a charmed life in the industry. While still in school, she was invited to present her work at New York Fashion Week. She was later on honoured with Best Designer at the International Fashion Showcase of the British Fashion Council. Rihanna has even worn her work! 

Beyond Closet

Taeyong Ko created Beyond Closet in 2008 to appeal to young men looking for a more casual, vibrant look that challenges the traditionally muted palettes of menswear. They’ve got college jerseys, sweaters, coats, parkas, and they even have a women’s lineup. 

Taeyong Ko was the costume designer on the set of the hit K-drama Boys Over Flowers, and if you liked the outfits on the show, you can expect a spiritually similar theme from Beyond Closet. 


Asava, the brand has now become Asava Group, featuring Asava as the core product and ASV as a sister brand. Both focus mainly on apparel for women of various ages.

The third member of this group is Uniform by Asava. The function-oriented line incorporates high fashion elements and bright colors into uniforms, showing us that ‘standard’ doesn’t have to mean boring.

This company is based out of Thailand 

And many more...